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We welcome all Democrats!
Greetings and Welcome! Yucaipa - Calimesa Democratic Club serves Democrats living in Yucaipa or Calimesa.

Join us the second Saturday of every Month at 1 pm at the Jack In the Box Conference Center. Behind the Jack In the Box off Exit 88 and the 10 Frwy in Calimesa.
Please bring cell phones on Oct. 27 and help call swing states

9 am to 3 pm Saturday, Oct. 27
Help Re-Elect President Obama and Elect Democrats in
Crucial Swing State Elections
Join us for our swing state calls phone bank. We are making calls to swing states to re-elect President Obama and get Democrats in Congress who can support Obama's agenda.
Make the call that makes a difference for our President and others on the ticket.

Russ Warner | Pete Aguilar
Coordinated Democratic Headquarters

1311 Brookside Ave
(intersection with Lakeside)
Redlands, Ca

For More Info: (909) 810-6102
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Volunteers needed for the final push to election day on Nov. 6

Volunteers are needed to walk precincts, call voters, etc. so if you have time, please call Mark Westwood to offer your services. We can win this thing. His phone number is 909-810-6102.
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The Latest News...

Greetings from the Yucaipa-Calimesa Democratic Club.

The challenges we will face on November 6th is why it's important that we not only work to re-elect our great President, as well as great Democrats on the state and local levels, it's also important to learn about some very important ballot propositions.

If propositions were earthquakes, and Proposition 13 can be compared to the great Sylmar Earthquake, then Proposition 32, "The Special Exemptions Act is even bigger!

Just Remember...No on 32. We must stop this act, but not the special exemptions. Prop. 32 only serves the billionaires, and unjustly exempts most of the corporations from the same rules they are trying to inflict on working families in California. Remember to clcik on the link here, and to just say "No on 32."

Here is the California Democratic Party's official standing on all of the propositions on the November Ballot...

Yes on Proposition 30
Protects funding for schools and local public safety

No on Proposition 31
Locks California into permanent underfunding of education, health, and other vital services

No on Proposition 32
Creates special exemptions for billionaires and Super PACs allowing them to buy elections

No on Proposition 33
Auto insurance rate hike

Yes on Proposition 34
Repeals death penalty and replaces with life without parole

Yes on Proposition 35
Increases penalties for human trafficking

Yes on Proposition 36
Reforms “Three Strikes” law

Yes on Proposition 37
Labeling of genetically engineered foods

No on Proposition 38
Munger initiative

Neutral on Proposition 39
Adjusts taxes for multi-state corporations to fund clean energy programs

Yes on Proposition 40
Referendum on State Senate district boundaries

As you can all see, we have our work cut out for us! So let's roll up our sleeves and get to work....

Thank You

Mark Westwood
Democrats of


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